Can you carry out tree surgery in all weather conditions?

Some of our work can be carried out in all weather conditions. Climbing tree work and felling of large trees cannot be done during periods of extreme weather (e.g. strong winds and snow). General tree work is possible for most of the year. Pruning and planting of certain trees should be done at certain times of the year.

My neighbour’s trees are overhanging into my garden. Can you cut them back for me?

In short, yes. Under Common Law we can cut back to the boundary between the properties. We would advise that you discuss with your neighbour before asking us to do such work.

How can I pay Green Valley Tree Surgery?

We currently accept cheque, online transfers and cash. We ask for all work to be paid on the day of completion.

How do I know how much I will be charged?

Each and every quote we give is unique. The amount we quote will depend on the services you require. Before we begin work we will give you a quote detailing the services we think you require and the cost for these services along with payment instructions.

We like to go the extra mile for our customers and we know that they appreciate that. We do have a busy schedule though. And so if the amount of work required changes significantly during the job or extra equipment needs to be brought in we may need to make additional charges to complete the work. We will always make you aware of these before commencing additional work so that you are happy with what we are doing.

Do you remove all wood and clear up after yourselves?

We always leave every site clean and tidy. We will always ask if you want to keep any of the wood or chippings, or if you want them removed. For an additional charge, we can chop wood up into logs for burning.